Windows 8

I am going to try and add useful information here for those forced to work with computers in their lives. I build world class computers and have been doing so since 1990. I find it very funny that Microsoft is advertising their new operating system so heavily. I have to quote Leo Laporte The Tech Guy “Windows 8 doesn’t work. If Leo can’t make it work it is broken.” This is not the first time that Microsoft has gone off the deep end in the introduction and promotion of a new operating system. Windows 95, the early release of Windows NT ( I told everyone that NT stood for Not Tested), Windows Millennium edition which seemed to last about 6 months, Vista and the latest insult to our intelligence Windows 8.

I have read posts to other technology articles obviously posted by Microsoft shills claiming that their old Windows XP machines ran faster with Windows 8. I am going to perform this exercise myself but I am already pretty sure that this claim is complete nonsense. I will issue an apology if my old P4 can even load windows 8 at all. Windows 8 looks like a good operating system for a phone but it leaves a lot to be desired in a supposedly multitasking desktop environment.

One other tech note Intel has announced that it will stop producing Intel branded motherboards in the near future. I will miss the ease of use and reliability of Intel motherboards and will have to look for another vendor. The only issue I ever had with Intel branded motherboards was the company’s insistence that  their desktop motherboards were unsuitable for server installations. This was a complete marketing ploy to sell more Inter Server motherboards as I have been installing server software on Intel Desktop Motherboards for years with great results including Novel, NT server, Server 2000, 2003 and 2008.



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